Wednesday, 7 November 2012


OMG! I live in Northern Ireland but I really can't tell you how excited I am that Barack OBAMA  has won victory in  the U.S. elections. It's a victory for the whole world. 

He now has four more years in the White House with the chance to finish the work that he has started. And that means four more years of a known and stable approach that means that the rest of the world knows exactly who they are dealing with. I hope, in fact I'm sure, that he will use those years wisely.

His opponent Mitt Romney fought an excellent campaign and was gracious and supportive in defeat, so I hope that the Republicans in the senate and house of representatives follow his example. And that they all pull together with the Democrats to give the U.S.A. the security and progress that they need, for a tolerant and democratic future for their people. This is not a time for gloating, this is a time for work.

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