Friday, 8 March 2013

Normal life

Well, it's Friday. And I'd made up my mind to use the weekend to actually do the normal things that other people do. You know...tidy up, do the dishes, see friends, fill in forms. All that jazz.

I started so well. Putting the dishes in to soak, sorting out clothes to wash, checking e-mails etc..... It took me all of ten minutes and now, here I am , back in front of my laptop with the urge to write growing stronger by the minute. 

I'm fighting it hard because I know that as soon as I start that page with 'Chapter... ' that I'm lost. I'll look up and it won't be ten in the morning any more, it will be pitch dark and Coronation Street will be starting.

So, for the moment I'm fighting it ....and off to hoover.

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