Thursday, 3 January 2013


HAPPY 2013 everyone

Well the festive season is over and without being a Bah-Humbug I have to say that I'm glad. I've always preferred new years. I'd even admit to being a bit impatient for the 1st January, convinced that something AMAZING is going to happen immediately afterwards. Of course it doesn't, but the anticipation carries me forward cheerfully into the next year ...even the bad weather can't get me down in January.

It's pretty dark and murky here in Belfast but not cold at 12 degrees most days, not like the north-east coast of America ...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway books-wise. Book Two in the D.C.I. Craig series THE GRASS TATTOO ( see excerpt below) came out on the 11th December in paperback and is doing well with very little marketing, but I really must pick up on that. 

I've been busy writing book three in the series provisionally titled 'The Visitor' due for release in March and writing away on Book four provisionally titled 'The Library Club' .

I've also been contacted about doing an interview here next week which will be fun. So...all in all it's busy busy over here  :)

Here's a little excerpt from Book Two in the D.C.I. Craig series THE GRASS TATTOO

 THE GRASS TATTOO. Modern Belfast 2012 Crime novel out now On Amazon and

'She glanced idly across the elegant square, planning her next coffee break, and noticed a lithely handsome man entering the Metropolitan Arts Centre opposite. Its lean, arrowed stone and glass slotted perfectly into the square’s smooth design.

The man looked...well, she wasn’t actually sure what he looked, but he looked something, and he made her feel shy somehow, without knowing why. Then she realised what it was - he looked arty. Arty men had always attracted her, and made her shy. There was something so uncontrolled about them, and Maggie liked to be in control.'

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